Role Allocation

Role Allocation

These are guidelines and may be adapted as the organisers see fit.

1.  Establish an Organising Team with

·       Course Planner (CP)
·       Course Controller (CC)
·       Event Organiser (EO)
·       Child Protection Officer (CPO)
·       Safety Officer (SO)
·       Communications Officer (CO)
·       Treasurer (T)

2.  Complete a Risk Assessment (see Appendix 2) for the event (SO, CP,CC,CPO)

3. Notify schools of event details and publicise event (CO)

4.  Encorporate Course guidelines (appendix 3) when planning the event. (CP,CC)

5.  Parking Plan (SO,EO)

6. Upload/Download results (CO)

7. Prizes (EO)

8. Start/Finish/Collection of maps (EO,CC)

9. Maps/Control Descriptions (CP)

10. Course queries/complaints (CC)

11. Waste disposal (EO)