SE training event at Kilkenny Castle

Dear teachers,please note that the last opportunity to register for the Kilkenny Castle event on October 13th is Friday 7th October. Please indicate numbers and participation before that date if you can for planning purposes.

Start times for Primary 10 to 12
Secondary 12 to 2 (unless by arrangement)

Cost €2 per head.

Short C: 1.7 km (5th class)
Short B: 1.8. km 2.2km (beginner 6th class)
Short A: 2.2 km (6th class)
Medium C: (1st year)
Medium B: 2.8 km (2nd years; beginner 3rd years)
Medium A; 3.1 km (3rd years)
Long C: 2.7 km (beginner post Junior Certificate)
Long B: 3.5 km (Post Junior Certificate)
Long A: 4.6 km (Post Junior Cert.)

Pupils may opt for any of the courses indicated. The C courses are more direct and less technical. A courses are for the more experienced orienteers and for individuals only.
For training purposes it is suggested that pupils stay in pairs unless they have some experience.

Those wishing to take part should send the following:
1. a spreadsheet of names (column 1 should have names e.g. John Smith and Rachel Jones; column 3 should have the school; column 4 should have the course chosen)
Limited changes will be possible on the day but the more accurate you can be, the easier it is to keep things running smoothly.
2. the contact mobile number of the person in charge on the day
3. the time that you would like to start at

Cheques should be made out to Waterford Orienteering club and may be brought on the day of the event. No cash can be collected in the Castle grounds on this occasion.
The start will be close to the main entrance of the Castle grounds.