Massive turnout at Kilkenny castle

Crowds getting maps
Nigel in control at start
Over 650 young people from 11 schools and 6 different counties participated in the second training event at Kilkenny castle. A huge thanks to all the members of Wato club who once again turned out in force to help things run smoothly. Thanks Hugh, Thomas K,, Brid, Liisa, Veronica, Laura, Jeni and Nigel. Thanks also to John, Matthew, Jorck and Daniel from TY at Newtown for their support.
Hugh looking after map distribution

Is this the start?

well that is where I am now on the map
Happy campers

Punching Finish
Hooray...we're finished

Butlerstown analysing runs

Could have gone this way...the Pres. girls

We did well today

Laura in charge of downlaod