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Awash in Waterford

Almost washed out..a water-ford needed....well done to all those who completed courses at Kilbarry Park in Waterford today despite the rain and more surprisingly the rising tide in the river. This affected the later runners and led to two Secondary school groups being cancelled. A huge thank you to all the Wato members who gave up their time to organise the event and coach the young people taking part. Special thanks to Norman Storey who put out controls, brought them in and organised the start with help from assorted Pims and Dobbs. Results are posted on the left of this blog. 90 from 5th class, 138 from 6th class, 10 from 1st year and 110 from TY, a total of 348.
clear instruction at the start

only way piggyback
should have run faster before the tide came in....

there was a control here.....

a sudden flash flood plus the incoming tide
thank goodness for Waterford United